Saturday, June 17, 2006

Notes from the Edge

  • Our little cute cat Baby has turned psycho killer like Louie. The other day I hear the cat flap shut, look over and see Baby prancing in carrying what looks to be a small chipmunk or squirrel. He drops it right under the dining room table, it squeals and runs right back out the cat door (thank god it was paying attention on the way in!) and Baby took off out the door after it...jeepers creepers. I blocked the door so whatever carnage was set to take place would take place OUTdoors. Ew.
  • The day before that I was driving into town when my nose started bleeding. It bled all the way into town (about 15 minutes) then I finally got where I was going and had to sit in the car for another 20 or 30 minutes waiting for it to stop. Squeamish? Stop reading here. All others, highlight the block quote for the worst part.

I blew my nose to try to get it to stop, and about five giant dime sized clots of blood came out.

Double ew. It just wouldn't stop bleeding...I started to almost get panicky, when it finally, magically stopped. Horrifying.

  • Today my husband told me that MY friend's husband told him that he had a threesome with some girls SHE knows while she was out of town for work. What a pig! He swore me to secrecy so I can't even TELL her...I don't know what to do with that!
  • Dylan has a heat rash, a bad one. It's like all over his belly, his back and now his face...I've been giving him cool baths and we put his air conditioner in his room to try to cool him off at night. I know it's not a serious thing, but it's scary to see your kid engulfed in red speckles!

That's it from here for's quite enough!


Amy said...

I used to have unmanageable nose bleeds when I was a kid. They'd come from nowhere and stop almost as suddenly. You are supposed to blow though to get the clots out. Nasty as it is.

Oooh, rough with the friend. I'd say, if you think she'd believe you you should tell.

Freebird said...

Ew on the blood clots, but at least you got it under control. I think if something like that happened to me I'd probably drive myself to the ER.

I agree with Amy, that's rough. Honestly, I'm not sure I could keep that kind of promise. That's a VERY hard call. How would you feel if this was YOU and YOUR husband told your friend's husband he had a three-some. Would YOU appreciate her telling YOU??

Honestly, she's your friend and you know her better than we do. Maybe they have an open marriage?

Freebird said...

Let us know what happens with it. That's crazy.

eaf said...

Can totally sympathize with the blood. My nose has weird on/off switches.

As for the threesome, if she ever finds out and then finds out you knew, that's it for the friendship. Of course, she may also be the type that if you tell her, she'll hate you or she won't believe you or both.

And as open as he is being about it, he'll get caught.

Do let us know what happens. Yikes.

Jessey said...

I seriously considered going to the ER, or the Urgent Care place but as soon as I started to seriously consider that option, it stopped bleeding. Thank goodness! Me bleeding from the face, lugging two kids into Urgent Care? That's like a domestic violence poster! I'd have social services all over my ass!

With the dirty pig husband...I would totally tell her except that I don't know if a) she would believe me, b) I promised Bob I wouldn't and c) the way he's flaunting it, he's bound to get caught and I can just stay out of it...which is where I'd prefer to be!

pstvnrgy said...

Well, did she ever find out?

Jessica said...

They are still married.
Not sure if she ever found out though.....