Friday, July 14, 2006

Big Brother All Stars: WTF?!

Thank goodness the "All Stars" were smart enough to evict the festering pus-filled open sore that is Alison Irwin. I hate her. I hate her with every fiber of my being. I hate her.
Not in a jealous rage sort of hate, but in a simmering, evil, want to light her ablaze and rid the world of her hideousness sort of hate.

So, that's one good thing that came out of last night's show.

But, last night was also a PERFECT demonstration of the reasons why even though I LOVE Big Brother, the show makes me crazy.
On the first episode, that fembot Julie Chen announced that here would be TWO heads of household. I guess she said then that the dual-headed hydra of power would only exist for the first week, but I didn't hear that in all the hullaballoo.

The episode summary says:

"This season’s rules have changed, as for the first time and for this
week only there will be two HoHs. Not only do they have to share the HoH Room and privileges, but they must also share the nomination duties. If the two HoHs do not agree on the nominees, both HoHs will themselves be placed on the block."
And that's just stupid.
That would have been a great twist to continue through the whole season, but nooooooo. They'd rather like bring in your ugly ex-boyfriend or your long-lost brother or some other stupid crap.

So anyway, King Kaysar (what up Kay-saaar) is the new HOH and he's up there all alone, wielding the power of nominations and probably making smug little faces on his smug little head.
I think Kaysar is a stupid moron. He was evicted TWICE on his season, the second time because he stupidly believed that Jennifer would NOT nominate him even though they were on opposing alliances. MORON. His idiocy in Season 6 ranks up there with Marcellas' refusal to veto himself off the block on Season 3 after he won the first Golden Power of Veto which made him the FIRST BB castmember with the ability to remove himself from the nomination block. That decision was of such enormous stupidity, something that immediately became clear when his castmate Jason broke the tie and evicted him promptly thereafter, saying "You should have used the veto" and caused Marcellas (who didn't pack his shit, so confident was he) to break down in total shock, which was quite hilarious.


Amy said...

It is bad enough I have to hear the stupid BB music twice a week (to which David has the most incredibly ridiculous dance moves to accompany it) and see their awful shenanigans on my tv screen, but then I have to read about it here too! Ugh, I hate that show and hate that I know enough to even know what you're talking about. And Alison shouldn't have been let on because this is now her 3rd try at a reality show. No fair.

Jessey said...

I'm sorry to tell you that BB is going to be on THREE times a week: Sunday, Tuesday and Thursday.

This is good news for me, but bad news for you.

Alison is a skag. I wanted to post her hideous mug here to demonstrate her festeringness, but Blogger refused to cooperate, probably out of self-preservation.

I'll try to confine my BB rantings to Fridays after the elimination shows.
I'm sick that I'm addicted to it too. My mom is worse, she'll call me to talk about the show and what will happen, what has happened, what she's read on the Internet. Sick!