Friday, July 14, 2006

Dylan achieves another milestone...though, he's still a BIT shaky, he can sit by himself with no support. Yahoo! He's obviously also very pleased by this!


Amy said...

He looks hysterical! How long until Elizabeth realizes it's fun to push him down?

Jessey said...

She's usually pretty nice with him.
It was so funny, the other day he was laying in my bed and Elizabeth and I were sitting with him and he was flailing his legs around and she got all upset because she thought he was kicking me.
And she gently laid her hand on his legs and said:
"Stop it Dylan! Stop kicking Mommy!"

And then yesterday, we were in the waiting room at the doc's office and I kept leaning him over into her face and she would say "Dylan's getting me!"
It was hilarious.
Maybe you had to be there.

Anonymous said...

Awww. He looks like a little pumpkin with long legs. How cute! Erin

p.s. I can only say that because I know we've all agreed that having a big head is a very good thing.

Jessey said...

It's that big head that tips him over!

eaf said...

That is quite a head! No doubt.

Look how proud he is! What a cutie!

Next step... crawling. And then I fear we may never hear from you again, chasing after two little ones.