Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Big Sister

This morning Dylan was playing with one of Elizabeth's shoes.

Elizabeth: I gonna smack him!
Me: That's not nice!
Elizabeth: He needs a smack.
Me: No. Smacking a baby is mean.
Elizabeth: But he neeeeeds it!

Later on Elizabeth managed to get the shoe from Dylan without smacking him and without any tears. Then she hid it.

Elizabeth (to Dylan): You'll never never have that shoe again. You'll never never find it.

Dylan just laughed and laughed at her.
Ah, this is just the beginning.


Amy said...

when she isn't looking you should totally give him back that shoe. just to freak her out. ooh, i so should not be a mother i can see me tormenting them just for my own amusement.

Jessey said...

Ha! Then she'd turn on me and say I neeeeeded a smack.
She asked me yesterday "You wanna piece of me?"
Fortunately for her, I did not.

Chris said...

*lol* That's awesome. Man, your Elizabeth has quite the little attitude. :-)

Jessey said...

Yah! She's kind of a beeyotch!