Tuesday, July 18, 2006

MTV Curse Claims Carmen & Dave

MTV Curse Claims Carmen & Dave

I've been hearing about this split coming for months. The reps for these two just denied denied denied. Ha!
There's a reason why so many people read tabloids. They get it right.


Freebird said...

Anyone else think he looks like Satan? I couldn't sleep well next to that.

Jessey said...

He is not very attractive. I'm not a fan of eye makeup, nail polish and nipple rings on a man. I'm not a fan of nipple rings on a woman either. That doesn't look sexy, it looks painful and stupid.

Amy said...

I'm so commenting before you even post - WTF is up with Kid Rock & Pamela Anderson getting married? I hadn't even heard they were re-dating!

Jessey said...

I KNOW! It's shocking.

She's not even looking that great these days. But then again, he's NEVER looked great.