Monday, July 17, 2006

Fun Around Our House

Here's how I found Dylan sleeping one morning. Very relaxed.

Here's Elizabeth watching doo-doo-doo-Dora on the computer, a lovely lovely bit of technology.

Here's Dylan after I propped him up to stand in the crib. He slid over and nearly fell shortly after I snapped this pic. He has a runny nose.

Here's another "naps win" picture. This is the third day out of three that she's eventually just passed out where she was standing. Heh.

Here's Dylan and the ferocious killer Louie. He's so easy to get mad at, and yet so easy to love...Louie that is.


Hilary said...

I am a HUGE fan of this new "Elizabeth passes out every afternoon" feature. Has me laughin out loud every time. Yes, literally. Your kids are beyond adorable. Keep 'em coming!

Jessey said...

Since I'm pretty boring, I have to mine my children's lives (and what exciting lives they are) for blog material, so of COURSE the pictures of a passed out Elizabeth and Dylan will continue!