Monday, July 31, 2006

He's totally psycho, right?

Just for clarification...

Tonight I told my mom how bad I wanted to eat pizza.

Twenty minutes later my brother came home with pizza.
I said
"Where did you get that pizza?"
"I don't have to tell you and I'm not going to tell you."
(uh- ok)
"You should be glad you're eating it now because I might have eat it in an hour."


BTW: I was totally joking.


Amy said...

You should haven taken his clothes, hid them under one really sheer piece of your clothes, and then eaten his pizza.

Jessey said...

Ah, you don't know my brother at all do you??

He just leads his game with "I'll piss all over your clothes"

Then he goes to throwing things at you while you hold your infant child.

Then he spits.

He's like a camel really.

In any case...this most recent incident has convinced me that a) my brother is totally crazy (not in a cutesy way, but in a medication is needed sort of way) and b) I'm going home Thursday...four days early.

It's for the best...

Though it's not like things at home are much better, but I digress.

Freebird said...

Sounds like a jerk to me. Sorry, I know technically only YOU'RE allowed to bad mouth your family, but c'mon really, throwing things at you while you hold your baby is an all time low. (I think I'd have to put down that baby and kick his butt).

Chris said...

If a member of my family threw something at me while I was holding Marcus, I think it would merit the aluminum baseball bat upside the head treatment.

He needs his head examined. Seriously. Or, at least, a serious ass-whuppin'.

Jessey said...

That's exactly what my husband said.
He's planning to kick my brother's ass as we speak.
Good times.

Amy said...

So this will probably come across as mean, but, how come your mom doesn't scream at him? Or make him leave?

Jessey said...

It doesn't come across as mean at all.
She's just weak. He pushes her around too. It makes me crazy...see earlier post.

Chris said...

A good ol' fashioned beat-down? Do take pictures.

Jessey said...

Well, that's all assuming that my husband still loves me and still wants to be my husband.
Long story.
Sad story.