Friday, July 07, 2006

Utah: Our Week of Fun

Friday - We left our house around 2 in the afternoon and headed up to Utah. We made stops at the Snowflake McDonalds, the Cameron Trading Post and Page, Arizona on the way.
We crossed over the Glen Canyon Dam, which dams up Lake Powell and then it was into Utah! Once in the Beehive State, we stopped at the Kanab McDonalds for dinner and an hour later we were in Hatch. The trip took around seven or eight hours. The kids were pretty good during the drive, I was pleasantly surprised.

Saturday - The day of the family reunion in Cannonville. Everything was great until they started serving the food. Then the heavens opened up and poured rain on us. We sat in our cars and ate. The reunion moved into a room of the nearby state park visitor center. This is where Elizabeth bought the bright orange inflatable sword. It was on the trip home from this event that she called her daddy a fucking asshole. He was sort of being a prick, but fucking asshole? Not really. Later that night we went to the cinder pits and let off a bunch of fireworks. Dylan fell asleep.

Sunday - Mostly a hangaround day. We had Dylan blessed by the bishop and Grandpa Bob. We ate dutch oven potatoes.

Monday - We went to Bryce Canyon with Bob's brother Mike and his wife and kids. Lots of great scenery. It cost us $20 a car to get into the park, which Bob complained about for nearly an hour. We ate lunch at the world famous Ruby's Inn, buffet style. It was delicious.

Tuesday The Fourth of July - This was the busy day... we started the day with a Young Women fundraiser pancake breakfast, then the town held the parade, then there was a carnival for the kids at the park and a DUP hot dog lunch for $2. Bob, Mike, Tanner and I were in a horseshoe tournament. Bob and Mike knocked us out of the competition. They eventually won third place and $25. That night we went back to the park for a potluck dinner, we brought beef stroganoff. They played a slideshow of soldiers from the Utah National Guard Unit 222 who just returned from Iraq. It was very moving. There were more fireworks that night, but I fell asleep early. I'm old.

Wednesday - Mikey and Jenn left for Mesa. I did a lot of cleaning at Grandpa's house. It rained a lot. I spent a lot of the day looking at old pictures and reading genealogy books.

Thursday - Still raining. We packed up and left around 11:45 our time (there's an hour difference between AZ and Utah this time of year) after a visit to the cemetary so Bob could see his Grandma's grave, we were on the road. We stopped at the Kanab McDonalds (again) and did not stop again until we reached the Cameron Trading Post. We made it home in around six hours. A new world record.

As soon as we got home, Bob checked the house for dead things. There were none.
Baby was laying around on the couch, but Louie was missing. Eventually, Louie came in about two hours after we got home. About 15 minutes later, he brought us a dead mouse.

"Welcome home! Here's a dead thing," he seemed to have said.

It's good to be home. Bob left again this morning to go to Phoenix for OZZFEST. He'll have fun with his brothers. I'm here with the kids and the cats, doing!
Back to the grind.


eaf said...

It's so good to have you back. Bummer about all the rain. But I imagine hearing your daughter call her father a bad name was worth rain. ;-)

Jessey said...

The rain was great. It's so clean up in Hatch, Utah, the rain is like a shower. Not like the horrible smelly rain in a city.
Country rain is so refreshing.

Aside from my reunion food plate getting soaked, it was all good.

And the bad name, well, I was surprised and sad (a little) I realized I have to be a bit nicer to my man. No more cussing him out, no matter how much I might want to, and I kinda want to right now....for reasons that will remain shhhhh but that I think Amy will understand.

eaf said...

Ugh... is it the P word again? Perhaps you can just call him a flying butthead... yes, it's still not nice, but it may prevent Tourette's-like outbursts from the young 'uns. :-)

Jessey said...

We use the term "schwacking doubthole" to cuss without cussing and it sounds very bad too.

It IS the P-word. Found in his truck. Stupid crap.