Friday, July 07, 2006

BB All Stars

All Stars my behind! I am so disappointed in the cast for BB7 All Stars.
Where is Eddie "Legless" McGee? Where is Marvin?? Where is Jun? Where is Hardy, where is Roddy?
This is poor. Where is the scheming Jee, the clueless Nathan, the utterly gorgeous Justin (all of season four)??
Anyway...I was incorrect in my earlier predictions for the All Star cast, but it was not entirely my fault.

First of all, they added an additional male and female America's Choice cast member to the show, so my predictions were off.
Though to be totally fair to anti predictions (as in, who would NOT make the show) were five of six, I thought Bunky would make it, I was wrong.) And that's pretty darn good. Hey, I know who America does NOT love! That's a skill, you can't teach that.

But much to my dismay, Erika the pretty but bland, Jase the man who makes me want to blind myself, Chicken George who orchestrated the ouster of

MY Brittany

in season one and Janelle, the whore from hell are on the show.

No matter. I'll still watch. And so will you. Oh, yes you will. Don't deny.

Actually, I was discussing this in all seriousness with my mother and she and I agree that Jase is a lot less irritating now than he was on his original season. Let's hope he keeps it up...


Amy said...

I despise this show so much that I won't even dignify it by telling you whom my husband picked and didn't pick (there was lots of yelling by him last night). Even talking about it that much is making me break out into hives.

Jessey said...

"Despise" and "hives" are such strong words...

Amy said...

I would use stronger but I don't use the forbidden swear words.