Friday, August 25, 2006


Elizabeth dumped her pull-up onto the bathroom floor this morning.

Me: Your poo is on the floor.
E: I know. I love it!
Me: You love your poo?
E: Yes. It's beautiful.
Me: Your poo is beautiful?
E: Yes. It's not supposed to be beautiful.
Me: Poo is not supposed to be beautiful?
E: Yes.
Me: But yours is?
E: Oh yes.


cube said...


Ask Elizabeth if she thinks her poo doesn't stink either ;-)

Amy said...

You are making this up, right?

Jessey said...

I wish I was making it up. If I was making it up then my child would not be a freak, alas, she is.

eva said...

Your children are insane and so, of course, I adore them even more. Auntie Eleeza couldn't be prouder of Elizabeth's poo or Dylan's mashing skills.

Chris said...

Oh my goodness. Thankfully Athena has the sense to keep her britches up. I have to fight her just to change her, so I suppose that is a different problem.

Freebird said...