Wednesday, August 02, 2006

New Car Smell (smells like more bills)

Ugh! Everything is crazy! I was all set to go home tomorrow but now I have no idea when I'm leaving. I took my car in to get serviced and get a drive belt fixed and now they're telling me I need new struts, new brakes blah blah I'm going to end up spending $530 to get the car fixed today and I'll STILL need to replace the struts when I get home, probably another $300 worth of work there too, at least...
So, now Bob's telling me to get the car fixed today (new belts, brakes and rotors) and trade it in for a different (used, but new to me) vehicle...he's crazy, but I'm considering it. Seriously considering it.
I just hate buying cars....even used ones.

So, yeah, I may be here another day or two anyway...
My life is chaos.

Anyone have any thoughts?


Jason said...

Don't get anything fixed it you are going to trade it! You'd just be throwing your money away. If it's more than 3 years old, the dealership will just turn it over to an auction, so they couldn't care less if it has new brakes and belts.

Jessey said...

Too late!

Had it fixed already.

Sooo what kind of car should I get?
Something cheap, good MPG, no, GREAT MPG and four door...