Tuesday, August 22, 2006


I have strep throat. It's painful and it sucks.
For whatever reason, this particular bout of strep throat decided to make me puke.
That's all fine and dandy, except, it decided to make me puke IN WALMART!

Not in the parking lot, not in the bathroom.
I puked at the self-checkout line in Walmart. Luckily I was able to grab a shopping bag and puke into that instead of all over the floor.
Dylan was looking at me like "What the HELL are you doing lady?"
It was horrible, it was horrifying.

At least now I've gone through maybe the most embarassing thing ever, I'll never fear embarrassment again!


Jill said...

My daughter had strep several times. It is not fun to get sick in public. You always think that everyone is watching you. Yuck. Of course you could have a kid who upchucks on your clean dress.

Amy said...

Oh yes, I have puked in public, more than once (although all part of the same incident - remember the food poisoned end to my honeymoon?). I remember I was collapsed on the floor, in tears, bag o' puke at my side, and a cleaning lady walked by and said, "You can't sit there" because I was in front of the door. I just puked again.

Amy said...

Oh and feel better!!!

Freebird said...

Oh, that's just really bad. John's kid has strep and unlucky for me I spent Friday, and most of Saturday with them. She was so sick she fell asleep while we were watching a movie. Normally she's a die hard. My throat hurts just thinking about it. Get well soon.

Jessey said...

Amy, that cleaning lady probably just thought you were a drunk! :)

Jessey said...

Oh, and both the kids are sick now too, so my house is like a quarantine ward!