Monday, August 21, 2006

Hot hot hot

Yesterday I had a fever. Not like a 100 degree fever. At one point, my temperature was briefly over 105 degrees.
My brother in law freaked out and came to my house, picked me and the kids up and dropped me off at the hospital. Though, in the ER the wait was THREE hours, and by then by temperature had come down considerably.
I had my brother in law come back to pick me up and he took me and Dylan home. Elizabeth stayed at her aunt and uncle's house overnight.
Dylan went to sleep at 6:30 pm and I got into bed immediately thereafter.
I drank about a gallon of water, took my temperature every hour and pumped myself with ibuprofen. Eventually, my fever came down to the mid 102s.
I was alternatively sweaty and shivery all night. I slept like crap.
Elizabeth was supposed to spend the day with her cousin today, but she freaked out at 3 am and her uncle dropped her off at home at 6 am. Hopefully she'll take a nap, so I can too.

I have no idea what is wrong with me.
My temperature is starting to creep back up again too.
Egad! This is all I need right?


Jason said...

Brain damage can occur if a fever goes up to 107.2 degrees. Do whatever it takes to keep it down, OK? Man, that's high.

Bern said...

Take care, Jessey.
Maybe you need to see your doctor again if the fever doesn't go away.

Freebird said...

Go see a doctor!

eaf said...

YES! DOCTOR! Holy Monkey. Fevers that high in adults are REALLY bad. Jason's statement is accurate. You probably don't want to keep exposing your kids to that either.

Holy mama monkey. Seriously...

Anonymous said...

Honey, please take care of yourself. I know that since the debacle with Bobby it's been hard to think about your own health, but I am worried about you guys. Drink orange juice.

Meredith said...

ser, go see the doc. remember when you cut your foot in college and the next night we had to take you to the ER? that wait was also super long. what about EMERGENCY do those people not get?

Freebird said...

Think of it this way, how good are you gonna be to your kids if your brain is fried? Not very. Now get outta here and don't come back without a doctor's note! :-P

Jessey said...

Here's the update:
The urgent care doctor at the clinic said I have strep throat and put me on antibiotics.
But now I'm also puking and my stomach hurts.
I just need to sleeeeep.
Elizabeth is still with her uncle today, Dylan is with me, he's containable.

Jessey said...

Strep throat sucks! I just want to sleep, but I get the alternating chills and sweats. I can't get comfortable. But then as I'm typing this, I'm falling asleep in my chair? What the hell?
To top it all off, I've got ringworm on my leg. Yep. Ringworm.
Isn't that sick!?

Jason said...

It's probably the antibiotics making you sick to your stomach. When you wake up, call the doc and get a different one. If you can't keep them down, they aren't fighting the infection. It sucks for you have to take care of yourself in this situation.

Jessey said...

I hadn't even STARTED the antibiotics when I started puking.
I did read that in rare cases strep throat itself can make you vomit.
Of course, I would be that RARE case.

Chris said...

Yeah, it could trigger your gag reflex and voila: vomit. Take care of yourself.

Jessey said...

I feel bad about having shipped Elizabeth off to her uncle's house, but it was the only way I could get any real rest.
Oh well, another thing to feel guilty about.