Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Throwing Fits

One of these days, I am going to throw a major tantrum. I don't know where it will be, and I don't know why I will do it, but it will be magnificent.
I've picked up a lot of pointers from Elizabeth on how to properly throw a major tantrum. I think I can really get a lot of bang out of it if I do it just right.

Tip #1 - Wait until the baby is crying to throw your major tantrum. It results in maximum parental annoyance and thus increases your chances of getting your way.

Tip #2 - Throw your major tantrum over something so insignificant that people will not believe you are actually expending that much energy over it. For example, riot if you are not allowed to go outside and stand on the porch in your underwear when it's 60 degrees out there. Riot.

Tip #3 - If you are sequestered in your room, kick, scream, punch, rip things apart, toss things around the room. Be prepared to destroy everything you love. Basically act as if the room itself is killing you, and fight back.

Tip #4 - When all else fails, try apologizing. Elizabeth's favorite line is "I'm done whining. I'm sorry."

Tip #5 - Don't forget to tantrum loud and often, it's only with repeated application that this technique actually yields results!

Good Luck to me!


cube said...

I'll keep your tips in mind. I haven't thrown a tantrum in... umm, at least 6 weeks!

debbie d said...

i thought tantrums were the norm when we became adults and started to learn how the real world works.... or are those just breakdowns? I'm not yet sure....