Monday, September 04, 2006

The D****** Family

Every single time they re-air that documentary about the D***** Family, my blog hits go crazy. I saw the promo for the special tonight and I expected a corresponding spike in hits. Boy was I ever right.

Eight of the last 15 visits to this humble blog were because of searches for the D***** Family.

Godspeed, I wish them well. Lord knows with 16+ kids, they need all the prayer they can get!

I highly recommend going to their website just to see the family pictures and how quickly the family's truly astounding.


Freebird said...

Eww. That many kids would put me over the edge.

Jessey said...

Yeah. Two make me nuts.

cube said...

Yikes! Are you sure they're not part rabbit?

Jason said...

OK, I must have come to the party late. Why do your blog hits go up?

Jessey said...

Because I wrote a post about this family long ago and now everytime they show the documentary, people searching for more info get led to my blog. It's really quite funny. I can tell whenever the show has been on because of the increase in hits.