Saturday, September 02, 2006

Egad! Horrible discovery!

Last night I went out for my birthday. We started out (a group of five ladies) at Mateo's Mexican Grill for margaritas and nachos. Then we went to the rodeo. Yes, the rodeo.
We stayed for about half of the rodeo and adjourned ourselves to RT's Black Bull for beers and Jagerbombers. Very bad drink!
I played cutthroat pool against my friend Lia and her dad (who joined us at the Bull). I won.
Then we left and went to The Lodge (a meat market bar but they have good music and good dancing). That's where Sharee met the rodeo clown and decided that she wanted to hook up with him. It took us an hour to convince her that she did not.
Then I came home. What was supposed to be a couple hours at Happy Hour turned into me coming home at 2 am. Whoops!

Anyway...this morning Dylan woke me up at 6:30. Thanks baby.
After all the kids woke up (my inlaws are staying with us, remember?) my SIL and my BIL and I were sitting in the family room when I said:

"I smell a dead thing"

My sister in law said:
"I do too"

My brother in law picked up one side of the sectional couch and underneath it there was nothing but kid debris...a toy, a wrapper, a crayon, some crumbs.
He picked up the OTHER section, and it was a whole other story.
There underneath the couch that we were sitting on just moments before. The couch that my daughter and my nephew slept on last night. The couch that...well, you get the point...
Underneath the couch was a dead cottontail rabbit.
Yeah. Another one. This one had his head though.

So, my BIL got a dustpan and got the rabbit off the floor...underneath the a word...maggots.
Yep. Again.

So, while we all held back puke, my BIL escorted the rabbit and its maggoty friends across the driveway and into the ravine.

And that was the perfect end to a perfect birthday night! Whee haw!


Freebird said...

EEEWW! How the heck are they getting in anyway? The kitty door? I used to freak out when I'd see a lizard in the house. I wouldn't be able to deal with all that's running loose at your place. lol

And a rodeo clown? Please tell me that girl was out of her mind drunk. Friends don't let friends screw rodeo clowns.

I'm glad to hear you had a fun birthday. You deserve it. I take it since you're frequenting bars/happy hours Bob's not back in the picture. Single life has its up and downs, but it's usually never boring.

Amy said...

Jessey, do you feed your cats? Purina Kitty Chow isn't that expensive, especially if you buy the economy bag at Costco. I'll even lend you the $15 to buy a bag if you need it.

Jessey said...

Ha ha! I feed them, they are just sick twisted little bastards.

The rabbits "get in" because the cats capture them outside and drag them through the cat door. I've seen them do it. It's disgusting.

And yes, the rodeo clown admirer was terribly drunk. Jagerbombers are not your friend. Well, not HER friend at least.

Jason said...

I think I'd nail that kitty door shut.

Freebird said...

I'm with Jason.

eva said...

GrossgrossGROSS! I love you, but until your cats quit being lunatic homicidal manicas, I'm staying far far away from Show Low.

Jessey said...

This morning we found a headless bird under the front deck.
But the kitty door is blocked. No more late night binging on rabbits.

Bern said...

It's time to make Louie and Baby wear the Dora the Explorer hat again.

Jessey said...

Shame IS the one tool in my arsenal that I have yet to unleash...Hmmmmmmm.....