Thursday, September 14, 2006

Fun fun fun!

After Dylan's adventures in teething last month (he popped two teeth in a week's time, the two front bottom ones), he took a month off of producing new body parts.

Now, he's making up for that lost time. He's picking up the slack big time. He's got FOUR top teeth coming in all at once. FOUR!
It's one for every week he missed in the interim between second tooth and now. He's totally catching up. It's making him a pain in the ass. But also, sleepy.
He went to bed last night at 6:30 and JUST WOKE UP. It's 9 am. Niiiice.
If only his sister would take a morning off.

That one...I love her, but she's making me crazy.
She's decided she needs to do EVERYTHING herself. Climb into her car seat, climb out of the car seat, shut the car door, change her own diaper. Yep. You read that right.

Yesterday she tried to change her own poopy pull-up. Chaos ensued. And by chaos, I mean POO ALL OVER MY BATHROOM. Also, there was a giant poo on the floor in my living room. Thanks Elizabeth!
This morning she needed a new pull-up after peeing all night in her current one. I told her to go get one, because she likes to get it herself.
She freaked out, fell to the floor in fake tears and said:

"NO! I can't! I can't go get a freakin' pull-up!"


eaf said...

She said "freaking pull-up?" Seriously? Awesome!

Jessey said...

Yeah. She said freakin' pull-up.

I forgot to mention that the paint lady asked Elizabeth "How old are you?" Elizabeth correctly answered "I'm two!"
Then, she paused for awhile, checked out the paint lady and said "How old are YOU?"

Heh. She was 67.

Anonymous said...

I absolutely love your daughter! She's got her mother's spirit. My mom always says that when I was that age, "All by self" was the constantly repeated phrase, and to this day I am god-damn stubborn when it comes to doing things all by myself. It doesn't end, nor should it!

Jessey said...

Elizabeth says, "All by me-self! Don't come with me!"

Chris said...

If my daughter said that I would freaking whip her freaking ass. Thankfully her mother's potty mouth hasn't rubbed off on her yet. :-/

The report from daycare yesterday said:

"Athena was very defiant today and acted violently towards her friends."

My daughter defiant? No...

Jessey said...

Defiant AND violent?
Sounds like she'll be an excellent international assassin

Jason said...

That's what Chris is raising her to be, trust me. Athena Caran, International Agent of Chaos.

Jessey said...

That's freakin' sweet.

eaf said...

Is there anyone in the room on my side here? Anyone? What about Athena, the sweet, angel-faced, docile, do-gooder?


Fine... let her be an assassin. You have to go where your talents lie.

Jessey said...

It's cool. She can take classes in killing from my cats.

Jason said...

It's cool, Eliz...she can be partners with my nephew, Wrenn. He nearly fractured his brother's skull with a huge toy car the other day and avoided punishment with his charm and wit while his brother screamed bloody murder. With her brains and his charisma, they'll take over the world.