Thursday, September 14, 2006

My Adventures Continue

Yesterday I continued my independent woman thing when Baby, the little skittish orange cat brought a rat (A RAT) into the house at O'dark thirty in the morning. I independently jumped up on my chair and started admonishing him.
Then, when he got bored of this game, he left the rat STILL ALIVE and hiding in my bookcase. Oh no. OH NO!
So I independently walked over to our renter's house and knocked on his door, all by myself, and made him come over and kill the rat with a stick and take it out of my house. Which he did, of course. And I made this happen all by myself! :)

But seriously, yesterday I went to Home Depot and bought a whole new bathroom sink (a pedestal sink), new paint for that bathroom and a bunch of other bathroom related stuff. My brother in law (the plumber) has agreed to install the new sink probably for $50 and dinner. Not too shabby. I will cook that dinner all by myself!

When I was leaving Home Depot I noticed one of my tires was flattening, not flat, but deflated. Droopy.
So I drove over to the gas station and put air in my tire. I even checked the tire pressure, all by myself. This is a major accomplishment. I have NEVER EVER EVER put air in a tire before, and I've been driving for 13 years. That's major.

This morning, I may have to light a fire in the woodstove. It's getting mightly chilly here overnights...This would be another major accomplishment. These jobs are all Bob jobs: arranging for rodent murder, fixing automotive problems and making fire in the house. All fall under "not my department" well, now I guess they ARE my department.
Oh, fun!


Amy said...

I just came up with a brilliant solution to stopping the cats from bringing you furry presents.

Get rid of them.

Jason said...

You must like to live with half-dead rodents, Jessey. I urge you to put an end to the cat-door.

Jessey said...

I know, I know!
If I didn't love them, they'd be deceased by now.
I was checking out the cat doors at Home Depot the other day. I need to replace this one with one that can actually be locked, for real.