Saturday, September 30, 2006

Random Happenings and Updates

Ok, so, if you haven't figured it out yet, Bob came back.
He's been back two weeks now. So far, everything is going well. He's repenting, I'm forgiving, etc etc.
We are supposed to going out for a date night tonight, we'll see how that goes.

The kids are loving having their dad around, and honestly, so am I. Not just for the extra set of hands I've been needing to wrangle the kids, but also because I missed him. It seems like we're starting over, and that's a good thing.

Moving on!

Dylan is on the verge of crawling. He's taken a tentative few first crawls, but they usually end quickly. His favorite thing to try to crawl to is a mini pumpkin from our garden. Go figure!

With October right around the corner, we're making our Halloween plans. Elizabeth wants to be a kitty, or a butterfly angel, or Dora. Dylan will probably wear the pumpkin outfit his sister donned for her first Halloween, if it fits him that is. I've got a backup non-costume costume for him.

We're going to take the kids Trick Or Treating in the country club and hope for full sized candy bars. Heh.

Elizabeth is getting more and more insane with every day that passes. Here is what she did this morning with her three minutes of alone time:


In sad news, my grandfather was admitted to the hospital two days ago. He has terminal cancer. They don't know how long he has and gave him two weeks to live three weeks ago. My mom is flying out to New Jersey tomorrow to be with him and help care for her mother, who has Alzheimers.

Two fantastic summers in a row.


Amy said...

That is the worst update story I have ever heard, especially given the lovely words you threw around when it all went down. But of course, I understand if you want to keep things a little quiet.

Sorry about your grandfather.

Jessey said...

I know, I know.
I'm all clamped up on this one huh?

I guess I could post on how that girl is stalking my husband now...that's fun.

Amy said...

Oh if you are serious you'd better do something. I don't want to come to work one day and have your family be the red ticker ALERT on msnbc.