Tuesday, September 26, 2006


Elizabeth is laying on the floor. She rips a big fart.

Me: Did you fart?
E: Yes.
Me: Ew!
E: Don't say ew! It's not gross. It's pretty.
Me: Your farts are pretty?
E: Yes, they are pretty. It's not disgusting.



Freebird said...

Well, if her poop doesn't disgust her why would her farts? They're pretty!

Chris said...

Haha. I just tell Athena to say "excuse me", which she does, and that's the end of it. She did think my Crunch Berries cereal was beautiful this morning though.

Jessey said...

Crunch Berries are quite lovely

Amy said...

I think Farts are fabulous, and that Elizabeth is very advanced for having figured it out so soon.

Jessey said...

You only think that because you can't smell them.