Sunday, September 24, 2006

THX - A rehearsal

Last night I made my annual Thanksgiving dinner rehearsal meal.
I get a turkey breast and all the trimmings: mashed potatoes (real not boxed), stuffing (for the rehearsal it's boxed, not real), cranberry sauce (whole berry mixed with frozen orange juice, trust me), gravy from a jar, broccoli and pumpkin pie.

I make this run-through dinner as soon as it starts getting chilly in our area of the world. Right now it's 37. It's chilly.

While I was stirring a pot or something, Dylan (who I had left on the couch with some apple juice) fell of the couch and started wailing.

Me: He just fell off the couch.

Bob ran into the living room, scooped up Dylan and tried to comfort him.

Bob: You can't leave him on the couch!
Me: But he was happy!
Bob: You could have put him on the floor.
Me: You're right. He'll be fine though.

At this point, the screaming infant was passed off to me, the evildoer.

Bob: What if he hit his head on the coffee table on the way down?
Me: He probably did.
Bob: (staring at me incredulously)
Me: So, he won't be a quarterback...
Bob: (more wordless staring)
Me: What? He's fine!

At that, I placed him on the ground to finish his juice and I went back to the fine THX meal.
After that rehearsal I suspect that on THX Actual, someone will jump or fall off the roof.
Last Thanksgiving our back door fell apart. Literally fell apart. We just fixed it two days ago.
Hopefully, that will hold together for awhile.
And for that, I will give thanks.

Now, where's that pumpkin pie?


Freebird said...

That's the difference between having one kid and having two. First kid would have been rushed to the ER as soon as you heard the THUMP.

Chris said...

Haha. Actually, we were kind of like that with Athena. Now with two we just kind of glance over to check for blood or awkward looking appendages and tell them to get up and shake it off.

Jill said...

Eventually you learn to ask "Is he bleeding?. Cover it with a bandaid and keep goint. I'm sometimes wonder how mine (or I) survived their childhood.

Lucky you, 37 degrees...what's that?

Jessey said...

I was so overprotective with Elizabeth, every little thing got her a trip to the doc.

Now, I need to see rivers of blood or exposed vital organs and then I'll bring them into the doc.

Actually, I did bring Dylan in a few weeks ago because he had a crazy weird rash all over him. But of course, it turns out to be nothing. The doc called it the "creepy crawlies" and told me to just make sure it didn't get any worse. It didn't.

Maybe I am still overprotective...