Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Faith Hill Poor Loser at CMA

Oh my gosh, this is so funny.
I saw this on Fox and Friends this morning.
Who knew Faith Hill was such a biotch?
Uh, oh, right. Yeah...yeeeaaaah.

Faith says it was all a joke...

Ah, yes, another "botched joke".


Amy said...

I think that's fake.

Jessey said...

I swear I saw it on the news this morning.
I can't stop laughing about it either.

Amy said...

I just read it on yahoo. . .I'm kind of inclined to believe that she was kidding. She's certainly no Kanye. Who knows.

Jessey said...

I suppose that it's certainly possible that she was making some sort of "botched joke" but then it just makes her look like a TOTAL ass for trying to steal the limelight from poor Carrie Underwood with a silly joke.

Plus, she totally looks like "(arms up) Adore me CMA audience" and then blammo reality hits

Anonymous said...

Ahem...calling Fox and Friends news is like calling the National Inquirer the paper.

Jessey said...

Burn. Busted.
But, cut me some slack. I got up at 3 am today.
Election Day fever I guess!

cube said...

Ah yes, the old botched joke excuse. It certainly didn't make her look good or funny.

pstvnrgy said...

I remember that! Too funny