Tuesday, November 07, 2006

New Enterprise

So, today I launched my crochet crafts website where I'll be selling my handmade crochet items including the very popular hats you've seen here and here at Bits and Pieces.

It's mostly baby items right now, bibs, blankets and hats.
If you know anyone looking for nice handmade, homemade with love, quality baby items, or super cool hats for the winter or whatever, point them in my direction.

A girl's gotta make a buck or two.

Please forgive my shameless self-pimping!


Amy said...

I saw the link to your site before the post popped up. Do people actually appreciate your gifts? I crocheted a hat for my nephew when he was born. Granted, it was a little oddly shaped. But I spent HOURS on it, undoing the stiches a bunch of time because it wasn't even. I got not ONE photo of him wearing that hat. I don't think he wore it at all. Makes me happy that the maid threw away the matching sweater I made, because I spent hours in the evenings for months doing that, and I can't even fathom the depths of hell David would have suffered through had his sister not sent a photo of the kid wearing that.

Jessey said...

I think people like my stuff. I've made things for friends, relatives, my sister and cousins(when they were first born), of course my OWN kids wear my stuff all the time.

We just got stopped at Safeway yesterday, in fact, by a lady admiring Elizabeth's camo/pink hat, which was partly the reason I thought "hey, why not sell the stuff?"

Plus, I'm pretty quick once I get going, note the pumpkin hat made in one night's work. And I offer a guarantee on my stuff...if you hate it, return it and I'll return your money. With PayPal that's so easy.
I just sent out some hats to friends who read here, maybe they can testify...holla.

Jessey said...

More than a moneymaking enterprise though, I just like to make stuff, have time to do it BUT no place to store it!
I could sit here and make five hats a day, but then I'd need to find five heads....

Amy said...

Yes, I've noticed your friend Eleeza wearing the hat. I gave my mom a blanket for Christmas one year, that she shoved in her closet. Then the next year I made her a scarf, which she laughed at and said it was too long. I guess at least she kept the Mets pot holder I made her on the table. Probably my dad just makes her.

Jessey said...

Oh well, moms are the worst! My mom even ASKS me to make her stuff, but then never wears it...she must have a drawer of lost and forgotten hats and scarves...matching sets of course.

Anonymous said...

It hasn't been cold enough yet, but I fully plan on wearing your hat. I love it!

Bern said...

Make 5 hats a day? You are one talented lady!!! I'll spread the word around and try to send some heads your way :)