Monday, November 27, 2006

Had a Bad Dream

I usually don't blog about my dreams because they are always crazy and make no sense and people's eyes glaze over when you start a story with "So, I had this dream last night..."
The "Wizard of Oz" notwithstanding, hardly anything good comes from the recounting of dreams...

That having been said... So, I had this dream last night and in the dream I was upset with our neighbor. To get my revenge, I ordered some rattlesnakes to be delivered to me through the mail. Don't ask me how. Maybe on Dream Ebay or at

These two rattlesnakes arrive at my house. The shipping is lightning fast on items purchased in a dream. I put the snakes into the grass of my neighbors lawn and they slink away toward the house. But then, oh, but then.
I guess the rattlesnakes decided that they liked my house better and came back into MY house.

As we hid from the snakes, and saw the flickers of rattles under the beds and couches and under our bedsheets, one of them jumped out of hiding and bit into my foot.
My husband (in the dream) laughed while the venom pumped into me. Then he finally took the thing off my foot and killed it.
I woke up in a cold sweat.

Nice dream huh? You think I'm under stress or anything???


Chris said...

I'm tired of these mother fuckin' snakes in this mother fuckin' house!

pstvnrgy said...