Monday, November 27, 2006

Pam and Kid Call it Quits?! No! That can't be right!

Unfortunately, it IS true. Pamela Anderson and Kid Rock each filed for divorce today. They BOTH FILED. That must have been one hell of a bitchfight.

Didn't these two get married like 47 times this summer?
They should have to get divorced that many times too.

I gotta say, this one is a shocker. Shock of shocks. Kid Rock.

Doesn't it make you wonder though, if some of these celebs get married JUST to divorce later. I mean really. Pam and Kid were married FOUR MONTHS. Four measly months. Who stepped out on who, that's really the only question. Who screwed around on who? OR was it double adultery?

PS: That is their WEDDING picture. True love.
Stay tuned.


cube said...

I heard that it was all over her part in the Borat film. Kid thought she acted like a slut in it. Can you imagine? Pam a slut. Who knew?

Jessey said...

How can you get married in a bikini and THEN have your husband think you're a slut. It, uh, makes no sense to me!