Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Happy Hallow....what the hell happened??

Halloween morning: The kids wake up, we kill time eating breakfast and lunch and FINALLY FINALLY get to put on costumes!!!

Halloween afternoon: All costumed, I take Dylan to his doctor because he was sick the day before. Turns out he has a stomach bug. This will be important later.

Halloween night: We met up with the kids' cousins and after a pizza dinner, headed over to the high school parking lot where we promptly got all set up and ready to Trick or Treat through the school's nearby neighborhood.
The kids

The whole thing took about two hours maximum, and we covered three streets thoroughly. After collecting enough loot, we returned to the cars, loaded up the sleeeeeeeeepy kids and headed home.
Sleepy Trick or Treater
Later that night: Elizabeth and Dylan fell asleep in the car on the way home and slept in their costumes. Bob and I pawed through the candy for "poison" We didn't find any, but we did find some candy that we thought the children wouldn't like. *Ahem*

It was around 10 pm when I went to bed.

Cut to midnight: Elizabeth puked her bed. She hadn't had any candy at all, so we knew that she had caught the stomach bug. As I wake up to go help Bob deal with the puke and the puking child, I double over in pukey pain.
Ugh! No!!!!!

I end up in the bathroom throwing up for oh, say, two hours. My stomach hurts so much I fear I have appendicitis (however, I did not). Meanwhile, Elizabeth pukes in MY bed and I have to change the sheets while staving off my own puke.

I finally pass out exhausted at around 2 am. Elizabeth was sleeping on the couch with her dad. Dylan is snoring in his room.
Over the baby monitor a half hour later I hear Elizabeth saying OVER AND OVER "I want juice daddy, I want juice. Daddy, I want juice, daddy."
Bob is clearly passed out. I go out there, give her a little cup of Pedialyte and put her back to sleep in my bed (this time COVERED in bath towels).

An hour later, I wake up sick, again.
At this point, I would like to die.
Another three hours of sleep and I wake up to puke again. At THIS point, I want to be taken out and shot like a lame horse.

I fell back asleep until 9 am. The kids slept until then as well (THANK GOODNESS!)
I'm drinking Pedialyte now, though I really need/want coffee, and generally avoiding weird smells and all foods.

Happy Hallo---blech.


Amy said...

It's the halloween gods punishing you for stealing your kid's candy. Ugh, feel better.

Jessey said...

I only ate ONE SNICKERS! Mini size!
Believe me, I'm not touching that candy ever again!

Amy said...

You know, you could always use this as an excuse in the future as to why you need to steal their candy. Remind Elizabeth of the Halloween you ate her candy and got sick, therefore proving that you must randomly taste test to weed out the poison pieces. Because a little girl tummy could not handle the poison.

debbie d said...

cute costumes! ghastly story! I hope you're all healthy sooooooooooon!

eaf said...

So sorry to hear of your bug. I think I have had this one... about two years ago. It was a nasty one.

Get better! There's candy a'waitin!

Jessey said...

I slept a TON and feel much better today. Though I think I'm off candy. I puked Snickers. Not very satisfying.

pstvnrgy said...

Hahha, "I want to be taken out and shot like a lame horse." hahah

pstvnrgy said...

This is so I get the follow ups...