Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Polie the Tree Model

Polie the Tree Model
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Our kitty Napoleon has become OBSESSED with climbing and perching in the Christmas Tree.
Sometimes he gets tangled in the lights.

This is why we are not putting any ornaments on this year. Sad, but true.


cube said...

Our cats were doing that last year. We were constantly rehanging what they knocked off. It was a real pain.

Just curious. Why even put up the tree at all if you're not going to decorate it?

Jessey said...

It's one of those fakeys with the lights already on it. So it's semi decorated.

debbie d said...

i would seriously consider skinning my cats if they prevent me from decorating my tree...
i wasn't able to have a santa bush last year, with the relocating, job change, moving in w/ boyfriend scenario.... and it was harsh. harsher than harsh. i became ebenezer-like with my ba-humbugs, And i'm really happy to be out of that stage. So I borrowed my parents old-school, circa 1974 Sears tree stand and am going to the santa bush lot this weekend. However, the kittens are older and wiser, and no longer kittens, and I think they know we are evil for not letting them outside.... thus, i imagine a scene where i come home from work one night and the tree with all its ornaments and lighted glory, is knocked to the ground, with the cats curled up into a ball on the couch, wondering what the heck i'm so upset about? tis the season, right?

Jessey said...

It's just the youngest one who is completely determined that trees a) remain outside and b) should be barren.

The other two are too busy sleeping and avoiding the kitten to really care much about the Xmas tree.