Tuesday, November 28, 2006


We're having our first snow-ish event of the season today!
It's sort of raining, flurrying and hailing all at the same time. But the balls of hail are so tiny, like the heads of pins, that it almost looks like snow.
Nothing is sticking, so everything is just getting wet out there.
It's 35 degrees.

Stay tuned for details on this developing story.


Amy said...

We're supposed to get another 3-5 inches tomorrow.

Here is something gross. When we had the blizzard of November 5-12, the dog peed in the snow on our front walkway. Then the snow froze. So now, the sheet of ice covering our sidewalk is yellow. Everyday when I leave for work I am faced with a block of frozen pee on my sidewalk.

Jessey said...

That is really, really gross.


Amy said...

I know. I need to buy some salt, but it has been so windy I figured it was a waste of money.

debbie d said...

move back to cali; remove yourself from such cold, cold, cold weather!

Jessey said...

That applies to both Amy and myself!

I am not moving back to Cali, I just can't afford it at all. I sometimes wish I could, but truthfully, I love the cold weather.
I'm sick.

Amy said...

Ha, at first I thought Debbie D was talking to me! Very egotistical of myself.

Jessey said...

I don't think that Dills knows that you are from Pittsburg, CA.

She's from Fremont.

It's a world of laughter, a world of cheer....

debbie d said...

i can speak to both of you..... cold weather is no fun! ;) unless, of course, you invite your cali friends over to go sledding.... then, *maybe* i'll reconsider.

Jessey said...

Did you know it's really "a world of laughter a world of TEARS?"
THat's shocking.

I'm sure Elizabeth (The Mommy Librarian) already knew that though. That Disney fiend.


Dills, anytime. You want to sled? YOu want to ski? You come stay at Casa Ladny/Evans, anytime. Our Arizona gets mighty wintry in the winter. Mighty. Wintry.

cube said...

We had a brief cool period, but we're back to shorts & t-shirt weather :p

Jessey said...

It's snowing for reals today.
Pics to follow.

The weather channel said we'd get one inch. We're at 6 and counting.