Monday, November 13, 2006

Ugh, pukey sick ***UPDATE***

Elizabeth, my darling daughter, is pukey sick tonight.

She just tossed her cookies in the toilet...she's nothing if not proper!

In addition to pukeyness, she's got a fever and she's white as a sheet.

I HATE winter sickness!!!!!

Hopefully we'll all get it out of the way now and be sick-free until spring...I hope, I hope!


Elizabeth puked up some blood this morning, so she went right to the doctor's office. She's got some horrible virus that is making her tummy all irritated. He said she had hyperactive bowel sounds, whatever THAT means! A gurgly belly I think.

So now, since she hasn't eaten or taken any fluids in 24 hours, I have to give her Pedialyte by the increasing teaspoon (1 tsp then 2 tsp, then 3 tsp, etc etc...) every five minutes and make sure she a) Keeps it down and b) Doesn't get diarrhea.
If she can't keep fluids down at all AND gets diarrhea, she has to go to the ER. FUN!

Also, if she can't keep fluids down for a few hours, then by 4 pm tonight I have to (shudder) give her an anti-emetic suppository. Ew. That's gonna be a first for both of us.

She's hanging in there though, she's tough AND she's up to 4 tsps of pedialyte already! So far, so good.
Fingers firmly crossed.


cube said...

Poor baby. I hope she gets well soon.

Jessey said...

She's getting there. She ate soup and crackers and now she's moving on to an otter pop. Orange.