Monday, November 13, 2006

My baby is all growns up!

Not really ALL growns up...but getting there.
Dylan is a little bit shy of 10 and a half months old. I'm already starting to make mental plans for his birthday.
I'm planning to plan.

It's a great time, but a sad time. He's completely given up nursing now. Actually, it's been about two weeks or so now that he's totally off the boob. I'm getting back to a more normal wardrobe and appearance AND I can take diet pills now! Yahoo!

Last week I rearranged all the cabinets (whoo, fun!) and I put away all the breastfeeding accessories and most of the bottles. He takes a sippy cup sippy cup!

On the plus side, he's turning into an awesome little guy. He's so smart and funny. He's also super mobile...which is fun to watch but really, really hard to keep up with. How many cups of coffee does the young man have to spill on the floor before he gets the point that the coffee cup IS NOT FOR HIM???

Another one of his new favorite activities is something we call "rearrange the media cabinet!" This fun game basically consists of Dylan scooting over to the CD tower and removing every CD from said tower, or at least, every CD within his one foot reach.

When he's not busy with THAT, he's often found flinging noodles, digging through trash cans or begging for bites of yogurt (which incidentally is what he is doing right NOW).

In addition, Dylan is getting very interested in dancing, music and art. Of course by "art" I mean chewing on markers.

Dylan also likes to flirt with ladies in the supermarket, get buried under pillows by his sister AND seek out every tiny piece of rock and every splinter of firewood and put them into his mouth.

And in a totally unexpected development, he's gained an interest in fine wines!

I'm just so excited to see him enjoy Christmas and his birthday and of course all the food on Thanksgiving...the fat boy's favorite holiday! Look out pumpkin pie!


Anonymous said...

There is almost nothing I find more satisfying than seeing a mother totally in love with her little people. I miss you guys.

Jessey said...

We miss you too!!
Your hat is in an envelope, waiting for its field trip to the USPS!!!

Jeff's is still in the works....
I'm only one woman!