Thursday, December 28, 2006

But I Still love you!!!

What with the holidaze and work and family visits and Dylan's birthday (it's coming up on Tuesday!!!!!!!) I've been totally swamped!

My mom watched the kids the last two days while I went to work.
She went to bed tonight at 8 pm. And our time zone is an hour AHEAD of, it's like she fell asleep on the couch at 7 pm. That's crazy!!
She did in fact fall asleep on the couch, but shhhhhh, she's sensitive!

Here's her quote from yesterday, her first day alone with Dylan and Elizabeth:

"How do grandparents raise their own grandchildren??????"

This was said while she was half reclined in a non-reclining chair, frazzled and frayed.
So cute!

Lucky for her, today was her last day of "service".
I don't work again until next Wednesday.

Oh, if you're is the URL for my paper.
My job is to build web ads, add content to the website, monitor reader opinions, etc etc...
I built all of Friday's front, check in Friday to see my "work"
It's actually quite fun, AND helps me learn HTML for the blog.

Our Christmas was great by the way!! Elizabeth got enough Dora merchandise to open her own Dora store, a Stora? Dore?
Dylan got a TON of Peek A Blocks and Little People toys. He was content to play with the top of a yogurt raisin container...I had to open his presents for him...ah well. Maybe next year!

Here are some pics of the kiddos.

Elizabeth makes krusczyki

Dylan eats krusczyki


Amy said...

Fancy layout!

Jessey said...

I'm still an HTML rookie, but I'm getting better. Unfortunately, at work we have Macs and at home, I'm PC.
So, I don't have the cool Adobe suite of products to make awesome pages with here at home.

susie said...

Very cool Jessey! I am proud of you :D If you need any hard coding help at home let me know.. i do all my pages in notepad LOL

debbie d said...

hope santa brought you all that you wanted! welcome back, we missed you.