Saturday, December 30, 2006

Bluebeard the Birthday Pirate

Dylan's first birthday party was this afternoon.

There was pizza. There were presents. There were friends and family.

There was running around like crazy monkeys and throwing balloons all over the house.

Oh yes. There was all of that.

And of course, there was


Anonymous said...

What is it about these cake-at-an-early-birthday pictures that are so adorable!? Love it! He's a mess!

You'll be showing this one at his wedding, guaranteed!

Amy said...

Happy Birthday!! I remember last year when around this time you were not posting, thinking, "She must be in labor, she must be in labor, why won't SOMEBODY post and say she's in labor!"

Jessey said...

I just told Dylan (though, I'm sure he doesn't remember) that this same time last year we were still waiting around for him to show up!
It's funny how time flies!