Sunday, December 03, 2006

Body Damage


I just did the stupidest thing ever.

I got up and ran from my computer through my kitchen and toward my bathroom (nature, it called, loudly) and unfortunately I forgot that we have the baby gate blocking the laundry hallway (which contains the door to my bathroom). So I tried to jump over it, tripped my left foot up on the gate and came crashing down onto the floor with a tremendous thud. BLAMMO.
Left hand, elbow, knee, smashed!

It brings to mind my accident awhile back which involved me running through the house, tripping over something (my own feet perhaps) and completely slamming my right knee to the ground. SPLAT!

That resulted in one giant purple bruise that lasted for about two weeks and made me feel like Nancy Kerrigan, post batoning.

"Why?? Why???"

Anyway, so I'm a clumsy idiot who should not run in her house, for any reason.


Anonymous said...

Ew. You need to delete that last comment.

More importantly, this post reminds of that time in college when you fell off your shoe on your way home from the Cantina. Ahhh. That was hilarious.

Freebird said...


Jessey said...

A) I know, the spammers are coming back, very bad.

B) The time I fell off my shoe was NOT funny because I fell onto a piece of broken glass and totally damaged my toe. I had to go get it cauterized the next day. Don't you remember I had to wear flip flops in the rain because no shoe would fit over my giant throbbing toe?
You are just a MEAN MEAN GIRL!

And C) I don't think this incident of clutziness will result in nearly as much visible damage as the one prior. I'm not bruised up yet, and that's a good sign.

debbie d said...

hahaha..... i remember the flip flops in the rain! and while i do not laugh at your misfortune, I do have to chuckle at the humor your misfortune created for the rest of us....