Friday, December 01, 2006

I'm going back to work soon, like within the next two weeks.
I'll be helping to run the website for the local newspaper (where I used to be a reporter) and doing other fun techie stuff. It's only three days a week, 24 hours a week.
But this means that I'll have to put my sweet babies in daycare. I'm torn.
I think Elizabeth will LOVE it. I know she's ready to socialize with other kids and do crafts and play games and read stories and sing songs.
She's totally ready. She wants to hop onto the school bus every time she sees it go by. She wants a backpack "just like Dora". She's sooooo ready.

I, however, am not entirely ready! Sniffle sniffle. My babies!

Dylan will be a year old in almost exactly one month (can you believe that?) He's not exactly a "baby" anymore. He's almost standing up all by himself. He crawls around, cruises, he's probably a month or two away from walking all on his own. That makes him almost a toddler. But still. I've never been away from him for more than a few hours at a time since he was born. He's never been taken care of by anyone but family members except that two times he was babysat by one of my good friends from work who is actually about to become my boss and/or her very trustworthy fiance. So, I wasn't worried there at all. But even then I called and called, just to make sure.

I need to hear from other moms who have their kids in daycare. Let me know that it's going to be okay. Let me know that I'm not scarring them for life!
I feel so guilty, but, at the same time I feel so....guilty.

I know having them go to daycare three days a week doesn't make me a bad mom, but I can't help but keep picturing Matilda-esque evil, with pokey chambers of doom and whips! Whips everywhere!!! And warts!

**deep breaths, deep breaths***

It's gonna be fine, right? RIGHT??!?!


Freebird said...

They'll be fine. Women do it every day.

Anonymous said...

Of course they'll be fine. You'll be fine, too. In fact, I'm very proud of you for going back to work. That's going to be good for you! :)

eaf said...

Okay, not only will the be supah-fine, but you will be great. Personally, I think you are getting the ideal gig. Part time job for mommy to exercise her enormous brain power and part time day care so kids get to spread their germs among lots of other kids. :-)

Seriously, I consider staying home at least once a week, and I realize that Athena would hate me for it. Every day when we leave for school, she says "I GOING TO SEE MY FRIENDS!" So I'd have to keep her in part time anyway.

Just keep an eye on the teachers, listen to what Elizabeth tells you about them, and it will all take care of itself.

Jessey said...

I am so glad that the words "brain power" came after "exercise her enormous" because I would have gone somewhere TOTALLY different with that one...

Jessey said...

Elizabeth TML, how does Marcus like day care? Dylan is really the one I am worried about. He's such a mommy lover.

eaf said...

Sorry it has taken me so long to get back to you! :-)

Marcus loves everyone and everything. He's Mr. Happy. And everyone loves him. So I'm not sure he's the best measuring stick. However, experience from other friends say it's better to do it earlier than later. In other words, don't wait until he's over 12 months old. The longer he's at home, the more attached he gets (until age three, when he wants to be social.)

Now go exercise that big ol' brain!