Friday, December 01, 2006

Britney...Stop it.

Remember when Britney looked like this?
Wholesome, pretty, sober?

I like that Britney. That's the Britney we all first fell in love with...

During the unfortunate Fed-Ex relationship she became the poster girl for trailer trash, with ratty extensions, bare feet in public bathrooms, ever present ciggie and Cheetos bag, multiple fetus baring outfits...

But THEN, she went on Letterman and we were all happy! Yay! Brit is cute again! Her hair appeared to be human!

But now...this. Britney's flashing her cootch all over town. Ah, lord in heaven. Stop hanging out with Paris Hilton and Lindsay Lohan! Unless you're all going to AA together, in which case, throw on some underpants. Dammit!
Britney ditches her panties, raises eyebrows


Amy said...

See, I think she was always like this. Had she not become famous, she would be like this now. It's just that when she was younger she had people telling her what to do, and styling her, and monitoring her every move, and because she was a kid she listened. Now she still has people to tell her what to do, but she's an adult and she's going to do what she wants! Which is just be the trailery trashy person she would have been regardless.

Jessey said...

That's what really breaks my heart about her. Deep down inside, I know she's just white trash...ugh.