Sunday, December 17, 2006

Enough is enough!

Last night Elizabeth started crying in her sleep. She was sleeping in her OWN room!!!
I went to check on her and found Napoleon (the kitten) happily chewing on her hair (for the 13 millionth time). Elizabeth was throwing a fit in her sleep. Kicking around, crying, going hysterical.
And I decided right there that I had had enough of this cat.

Every night he sneaks into where Elizabeth is sleeping and chews on her hair, waking her up and sending her running into our bedroom, where she ends up sleeping all night. She's got the jimmy-legs. It's no good. I haven't slept a full night all the way through in months. And Dylan, the baby, sleeps all night long, no problems no fuss. So technically, I should be sleeping the sleep of angels, like in those commercials where the butterfly comes to your room at night and makes you pass out. That should be me!

It was about 9 pm when I went into Elizabeth's room. I shooed off the interloper and sat there trying to comfort her for about five minutes. She was freaking out in her sleep. No wonder the kid has nightmares, she's getting her hair molested every night by a cat!

After she finally went back to sleep peacefully. I found Bob and told him that Napoleon had to go. Bob has been waiting for weeks to get rid of this cat, so he was really happy that the time had come.

Keep in mind that we live in a rural area with many farms and barns and mice and outdoor cats when you read this next part...

Bob boxed up Napoleon in a cat carrier, drove to a neighboring area and dropped him off in a farm's field. There was a big barn nearby that Napoleon scurried off to, I'm sure he's with a new family of barn cats and is happily chewing on some other cat's tail right now.

But for us, the long nightmare is over. I'm a little sad, but I can't let my kid get traumatized for the sake of a damn cat.
Go ahead and criticize me now, if you feel the need.


Amy said...

Oh my god you are awful! You should have just brought him to day care on Monday, some stupid mom would ahve taken him home for Christmas.

Jessey said...

I know! I know!
I feel bad that it had to end this way.
I really did love Polie....
It's all very sad.
And I'm a bad person now...