Sunday, December 17, 2006

Party Planning

Dylan's first birthday is coming up in just over two weeks.

Like I said previously...I'm mentally starting to prepare for his birthday party.

Winter birthdays kind of suck. My birthday is at the end of the summer, right before school started (where we lived) and we'd have a big pool party or something like that.

Unless it snows, thus creating a sledding hill in our yard, Dylan's birth-DAY is going to be cold, wet, miserable.

I need some ideas for a kick-ass first birthday party that has to take place almost entirely inside the house....
"Hey kids! Let's play re-organize the pots and pans!!!"



susie said...

You should do a train theme. get cardboard boxes and paint a train on the outside and cut openings so its a crawl through, tunnel train

train cake, and you can google other rain activities online :)

Jessey said...

That's not a bad idea!
With our luck it will blizzard and the party will turn into a slumber party, again.

susie said...

that should have said train.. not rain... oops.

susie said...

and LOL about the previous snow party... we are expecting about a foot tonight... I am so not going anywhere. I guess this will be the week for me to finally quit the nicotine habit.