Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Laura Bush had skin cancer tumor removed; Media screams "cover-up!"

Can you imagine if you had to disclose your most private, personal medical issues to 300 million strangers?
Can you fathom the incredible invasion of privacy that would be?
I totally understand why the health of the president has to be a known commodity. If all of a sudden blammo! massive heart attack, free world thrown into chaos, etc etc.
Especially with our current Veep, old Mr. Sicker Ticker who has had like 14 bypass surgeries...
But I digress, apparently First Lady Laura Bush had a nickel sized squamous cell carcinoma removed from her leg in November.
Laura Bush had skin cancer tumor removed - Yahoo! News

When the press saw a bandage on her leg yesterday they quite literally smelled blood in the water and attacked.
Can you imagine how idiotic those questions must have been?
"Why is the First Lady wearing a bandage on her leg?"
"Did she nick herself shaving her First Lady legs?"
"Is there any video of that incident?"
"Was Mrs. Bush out partying with Britney Spears, slip on a line of coke and cut her leg open on a broken bottle of Hypnotiq? Huh? Well, did she?"


Even MORE retarded was that the press, after finding out the truth of the matter, immediately cried foul and ended the published article about Mrs. Bush's outpatient tumor removal procedure with the following paragraph:

Monday's revelation was the second case this year of a belated White House announcement. In February, the White House waited almost a day before disclosing that Vice President Dick Cheney had shot a fellow hunter during a quail-hunting trip.

Uh, yeah. Because a totally non-lethal, non-emergency, under local anesthetic, happened in a doctor's office, private, none of our business, having nothing to do with national security and/or the health and well-being of ANYONE besides Mrs. Bush, removal of a tiny bit of rogue tissue is COMPLETELY equivalent to the Vice President of the United States SHOOTING SOMEONE IN THE FACE.
I totally see that parallel.


Amy said...
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Jessey said...

Amy, your comment was hilarious, I'm sorry you deleted it!!
It's really something only you would wish for!

Freebird said...

Too late! I read it earlier just didn't comment. I wonder do they alert the media when the twins get their period?

Jessey said...

Well, they damn well should!!
I can't believe how big of a story this has become. totally ridiculous.

debbie d said...

i love that the media considers this a "cover-up" worthy of their time and expertise.... poor, poor, poor Laura. Wife to the most powerful idiot in the world, mother to some skanky twins who lose thier purses when they go on vacation (despite Secret Service protection!?!)....
at first I was going to say that I bet her MIL makes xmas slightly unbearable, but then remembered that Barbara can be a pretty cool cat. At least she has *that* going for her?

Amy said...

Well it is important, if she dies we'll get a new first lady, so then they can start reporting on who W is dating.

Jessey said...

Oh snap! You know, JSimp and BSpears are available....
What say you W? Hmmm?

Britney Bush! I love it!

debbie d said...

then they could both say "whoops! i did it again!"