Sunday, January 14, 2007

Doers and Makers

Little kids are crazy. I mean, talking to themselves on the street, hording sugar packets in a drawer, wearing lucky socks and tinfoil hats, batshit crazy.

Take my little Elizabeth for example.
Yesterday after her bath, she ran off to her room to dress herself. When she emerged she was wearing a Pull-Up and a bathing suit. A bathing suit that is a size too small...and backwards.
It's 23 degrees here.
She looked like a wrestler -- a high-school one, not a WWE one.
I told her that outfit was not appropriate and she changed into a T-shirt, which would have been fine, but she was wearing it as a skirt.

She also has little nicknames for everything in the house. Instead of a remote control we have a "bee-mote". The broom is a "sweeper", the Swiffer is a "doer". All my crochet hooks are "makers".
Instead of a computer we have a "pew-ter" that we use to "dot-com" to play Chuzzles.

As in "Let's play Chuzzles. Go dot-com to Chuzzles."

This morning she exhibited a new feature of her insanity -- crazy game play. She was running around the house like a crazed wild monkey (as per usual) and then she'd stop, freeze, hide her face, then scream and run away like a psycho.

I asked her "My darling, what are you doing?"
"I'm playing Hide and Seek," she replied.
"Who are you playing Hide and Seek with?" I asked, afraid there were imaginary friends lurking, or worse yet, GHOSTS!
"I'm playing by myself!"
"Let me get this straight. First you hide, and then you find yourself?"
"Is it hard to find yourself?"
"Oh yes."

And off she went to hide from herself in a pile of pillows.
She found herself two seconds later.


Amy said...

I know that you were unaware at your wedding that you were pregnant. Did you, oh, just maybe, celebrate with Bob that evening in a bit of a smoking way?

Anonymous said...

hahahahaha Amy. No, Athena does it too... and the worst I did was a margarita early on. They are simply naturally stoned.

Jessey said...

I'm really not a chiba girl.
I barely even had champagne at my wedding, it just didn't appeal to me. Believe me, I wondered why at the time!
Kids are just totally loopy. That's probably why they take all those weird awkward pauses during Dora.

"Do YOU like apples?"


Anonymous said...

I would love to find out what exactly it is in her little body/brain chemistry that causes that, find a way to make it synthetically, and take it. It sounds like she has a lot more fun in her day than I do. I could use a little crazy hide and seek myself now and then. Plus my husband would find it hugely entertaining.

Jessey said...

yeah, fun, BUT also emotionally unstable. It's a package deal...

Like last NIGHT she decided that her daddy needed to eat his sandwiches from the fridge, so she went and got them out and was telling him, "You need to eat these sandwiches, I got them for you" and we had just eaten dinner and Bob was not hungry. So he told her that he didn't want the sandwiches, but thank you.

And she burst into tears holding these two little baggies crammed with a sandwich each...

"But you got huuuuuungry last niiiiight!"

It was so sad.

But THEN later on, more cuteness because she had memorized "Mr Brown Can Moo, Can You" and she was "reading" it to Bob and I, just making the appropriate noise on the appropriate page...

We were chuckling at how cute she was being and she instantly turned moody again.

"Don't laugh guys! Don't laugh!"

Ah, kids!

debbie d said...

sometimes this is all the birth control us singletons need.... I'm not stable enough to deal with that much cuteness and craziness; I can barely handle it in myself!