Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Happy? Feet

No. That's not a typo.

My mom took us to see "Happy Feet" this morning. It was me, my mom, Elizabeth and Dylan.
I was worried that Dylan would make trouble. I was not worried about Elizabeth, seeing as she had already been inaugurated into cinematic adventures when her dad took her to see "Flushed Away", a movie I thought would turn her off of using the potty, seeing as how the main character gets flushed down the toilet to begin his journey. She's already worried that she will drain out of the tub with the dirty bathwater, but, I digress...

About 10 minutes into "Happy Feet", Elizabeth turned to me and said "I want to go home."

We tried to talk her out of it, but she wouldn't budge.

So we left the theater, which was just as well because after 10 minutes of previews and 10 minutes of "Happy Feet," Dylan was fully fighting his cinematic adventure.

Out in the parking lot we asked Elizabeth why she didn't want to finish watching the movie. Her reply:

"It was too angry. And too sad."

It's called "HAPPY Feet"!!!
Ah well, I was bored anyway.


Amy said...

Ahh, I remember my sister screaming hysterically as I stood over the drain during tub time, pretending I was getting sucked in. Good times.

Did you at least get your money back?

cube said...

Elizabeth sounds like a perceptive child. It wasn't a happy kiddy movie at all. It was a global warming diatribe. I heart Captain Planet is a really good TV series

Jessey said...

Well, I was IMMEDIATELY annoyed by Nicole Kidman's rendering of the Norma Jean (aka Marilyn Monroe) penguin. All breathy and pursed lips. I actually have watched Marilyn's movies and she was NOT that much of a caricature of herself...
I was secretly glad that Elizabeth wanted to bail.
And, my mom did not want her money back, she said it wasn't the movie's fault...though, probably, it was!