Tuesday, January 02, 2007

It's Official!

Dylan is ONE today!
(Cue fireworks, balloons and confetti)

This time last year I was recovering from a C-section and sweet baby boy was recovering from the trauma of birth!
Happy official first birthday baby boy!!!

Our week leading up to the big day has been QUITE exciting!

* On Friday, Bob got rear-ended by some reverse snowbirds who apparently don't know how to use their brakes OR defrost and de-ice their windshield before driving. So lame. Go back to Mesa, you Mesa-faces!
His truck is well, a word that rhymes with "trucked" and he himself is also sounds-like "trucked". He is going to the chiropractor tomorrow on the dime of the ditzy flatlander. He is also in a not-so-good mood, to put it mildly

* Saturday was Dylan's party during which my mom nearly strangled all my nephews as they were running around like heathens. What can you do? They're boys! She did strangle them with her eyes...it was like stink-eye supreme. Not very friendly.

* Sunday - New Year's Eve - The whole house was asleep by 10:30pm. Whoo. I was attacked by a spider and salved my wound with prescription antihistamines, snowpacks and champagne. Nice.

* On Monday I woke up feeling sick, called my mom a bitch and yelled at my husband. I also cried a lot during the middle portion of the day which is why I am now calling my OB-GYN trying to change my pesky birth control pill back to the Nuvaring. Stupid restrictive insurance. I swear to GOD I will pay for the ring myself if my insurance won't cover it. I swear I will.

* This morning I made 87,000 phone calls to the garbage company, the phone company, a random company that's billing our phone account for GOD knows what, an insurance company, my doctor's office, a chiropractor's office AND Bob about five times too many because the last time I called he answered the phone like this:


Then I took a shower and now I'm going to get dressed and go to WalMart, again, for the 47th time this week.
Yay rollback prices!


Amy said...

I am often guilty of not fully deicing or defogging my windows before driving. But I have never hit anyone. And I do drive slow. And I never did it when I like lived in a REAL place that had actual people on the roads. Only up here, in no man's land. Although, except for the one year in Chicago, prior to that I lived always in sunny California, where de-icing sticks were, well, something I didn't know existed.

Anonymous said...

I always defog/deice now, but didn't before kids. SHAME!

Oh, and I have one word for you re: birth control. Mirena. If I had your mad HTML skillz, I'd give you a link, but I'm afraid you will have to google it. Love it, live it. Mirena.

Oh wait... you want another kid in the next five years, don't you. Well then, save it for later.

Jessey said...

I think I'm going to break down and buy the Nuvaring for myself...it's really only $40 a month, which isn't that bad considering the cost of a child...

PS, I've got strep throat. Again.
No puking this time though...yet...

There has already been one casualty of my strep though...my mom was going to make a fanTAStic seafood casserole tonight for her last night here, and Dylan's official birthday.
Alas, with all the medicine I'm on, and the strep strepping all over me, fish didn't QUITE hit the spot.
Instead we're having grilled cheeeeeze and soup.
So sickbed.

Anonymous said...

Hooray! Happy birthday to Dylan! And lest you think I forgot, I was shopping with my mom yesterday and walked by a baby store and exclaimed: "Hey! It's Dylan's birthday today! HOORAY!"

Oh, and happy 2007, too. :)