Monday, January 29, 2007

Here he IS!

It's Sawyer!


eva said...

Ack! Sooooo cute! I just want to eat him up with a spoon!

Freebird said...

He's a cutie. Is he named after who I think he's named after? If he is, I like him even more.

Jessica said...

Elizabeth named him after a kid in her daycare class. I have since found out that the kid is "strange"

That's a quote from the daycare teacher.
Ah well. It's a cute name.

He's still doing good too. We got him Saturday, it's Tuesday and still just one accidental poop in the house, and that was this morning and it was my fault because I let him back in the house too soon...he immediately ran sniffing around and took a poo so lightning fast! It was like shazaam! Poop!
He's trying to be good though.
He put HIMSELF to bed last night. No whining!