Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Police want Brandy charged in fatality

I've been reading about this and I think Brandy should absolutely be charged in this accident.
Police want Brandy charged in fatality - Yahoo! News

I'm from the SoCal area. I've driven on the freeway where this accident occured, oh, about 4,000 times. It's very stop and go. Very. Stop. And. Go.

Anyone who's driven that road before would know that. Brandy, being a singer/actress who lives in the Los Angeles area (including the outlying San Fernando Valley where the 405 freeway is located, would DEFINITELY know that she needs to pay special attention when driving that road as it is prone to sudden traffic slowdowns.

AND even if she was NOT a local, Brandy should be an attentive enough driver to notice that the cars ahead of her are not MOVING anymore.

It's terribly sad that this woman died in such a stupid senseless accident that totally could have been avoided if Brandy was paying attention.

Here's the story from the LA Times


Freebird said...

But you know she won't. Money gets people off. She'll get a slap on the wrist and some community service where she'll perform at some charity even. Case closed.

Jessica said...

That is so messed up.
If it was me, I would be in jail right now. I betcha.

Amy said...

No, the crime they want to charge her with is only punishable by a year in jail. Somehow I don't think anybody would get jail for this - she wasn't drinking, wasn't on drugs, wasn't even necessarily speeding (I think I read she was only going 65, which was reasonable until traffic stopped). To me it's just one of those sad things that happens when people don't pay close enough attention. Because that road is stop and go, but I remember it would be totally clear than all of a sudden, wham! there's a jam.