Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Heroes vs Lost...

After watching "Heroes" last night, and with the second half of the season of "Lost" still 15 agonizing days away (thanks Lost widget!) I got to thinking about the compare and contrast of the two shows.
Namely, how does "Heroes" keep doing me so right while "Lost" keeps doing me so, so wrong? Down and dirty wrong.

Lucky for me, someone else got there first.

Here is the fantastic Compare/Contrast essay on the fabulous, question answering "Heroes" and that sagging albatross around my neck, "Lost"



Anonymous said...

Thank you kindly for the linkage. Glad you liked the piece.

I'll make sure to check back and read your blog whenever I can.

- The Jay

Anonymous said...

Word. I have people over every Monday to watch Heroes. I also get very frustrated with my coworkers because they never seem able to watch it on Monday, instead viewing their DVR version later in the week, the slackers.