Monday, January 22, 2007

Sick sick sickies:
How I found out I was a terrible mother, again

Both the kids have had runny noses for two weeks, bad coughs for a week and bad attitudes (more than usual) for the duration...but no fevers (other than Dylan's crazy all-weekend 102 fever extravaganza which promptly ended last Monday morning just in time to go to day care) so I figured, they just have a cold, it'll take a while to get over it, la la la.

But after Elizabeth hacked away in her sleep all last night, sending ME to sleep on the couch, Bob insisted that I call the kids' doctor and make sure we're doing everything we possibly can. In turn, the doc's office insisted that we needed to bring the kids in to make sure they didn't have bronchitis or pneumonia, or something else SUPER FUN.

So, Bob started digging my car out of the foot of snow that had surrounded it over the weekend. Bill (the guy who rents our trailer) helped. An HOUR LATER the car was free.

It took me another 45 minutes just to get into town because though the main highway is perfectly plowed, all the roads in our neighborhood are skating rinks and the Deuce of Clubs (the main road in town) is a total slushfest.

The doc checks out Elizabeth and prescribed her a super-duty cough medicine to dry up her mucus (ew, sorry) and she's gonna be better in a few days...then he checks Dylan...

Drumroll please....

Dylan's not only got the same bad gooey mucus problem but also for extra fun, a double ear infection.



How did I not notice that my baby boy had a DOUBLE EAR INFECTION?????
I suck.

So there went another hour of my life given over to Wal-Mart and their slow, slow, ever-so-slow pharmacy.
The good news is the cough medicine will make the kids drowsy. Ha!


Anonymous said...

Ah yes, the eternal mommy psycho battle... Is my kid REALLY sick? Sick enough to take in to the doctor? Or will they shake their heads and roll their eyes at the uber-paranoid crazy woman? I hate that.

It's a tribute to your son that you didn't know he had an ear infection. He's a trooper!

Anonymous said...

Don't feel bad. I remember when mine were little. I'd end up taking them to the doctor when they didn't need to go, and not when they did, and it was so hard to know the difference. Now I have a dog that has seizures and for the longest time we thought he was doing something cute. I'm a terrible dog mama.

Jessey said...

That was EXACTLY my dilemma...
"If I take the kids in and they just have a cold, I will look silly and overprotective and will have wasted two hours of my time. If I don't take them in and they have pneumonia and they end up in the hospital, I will look stupid and reckless and neglectful and will have potentially damaged my childrens' health permanently."

What to do, what to do?

debbie d said...

i had never had an ear infection as a child.... and in the sixth grade, my family heads up to reno for a wedding.... prior, i had been mucusy, and icky, and had an itching in my ear. and i complained (as i always do) of my discomforts.... my parents proceeded to drive up to reno anyway. that night, i barely slept because lying down made my whole head want to explode. then, rather than get any sort of medicine (other than those OTC red sudafed type pills my mom ALWAYS caries), my parents gambled and my cousin gave me $40 to spend at circus circus. that night i could hear and feel a popcorn machine in my head. i cried myself to sleep and woke with ear gunk on the pillowcase. finally, we piled back into the car, red pills in tow, and drove home. I rolled into a ball and spent the entire drive on the passenger side floorboard in the front seat. i honestly believed the 3 feet in height difference made my ear feeeeeel better.

the good news? you got him to the dr. and got him medicine. the better news? he will never remember this event!

two wonderful things you did that my parents did NOT do, and i still visit them at christmas. =)

Andrea said...

I have done that same exact thing. In fact, today I took the kids to the Dr. cuz we're going out of town tomorrow and they're kind of sick, but I figured just colds. I thought I would take them in just in case. And Drew has an ear infection. Never would have guessed. I thought Ava did, but she just has a cold. Go figure. I guess our boys are pretty tough.
Hope your kids are feeling better soon.