Monday, January 22, 2007


Colts v. Bears!

An all-animal showdown!!!

Super Bowl baby!

Peyton Manning! Whoo hoo!!!
Rex Grossman....whoo.

I'm rooting for my boyfriend Peyton Manning, of course!


Amy said...

Ah, I like the Colts. My husband, of course, is a die-hard Bears fan, who was EXHAUSTED after yesterday's game "because I had so much invested in it." Fun times.

Meredith said...

Yeah, yeah Brady couldn't pull the magic out of his helmet this season. But I will root for Peyton because his commercials are just so gosh darn funny!

Jessey said...

His commercials ARE so darn funny. Tom Brady IS cute, but, I hate him for his neverending success.
That showoff! ;)

Amy said...

I thought that, given the fact they've won what, 3 of the last 6 super bowls, they were a bit too upset. Come on guys, let somebody else have some fun. The coach barely said 5 words in his after game interview. Ha, and my husband's friend said he was going to leave at half-time when the score was 19-3 and they kicked the field goal "because there's no way they can get 15 points in the second half and hold New England to none."

Jessey said...

At least the Saints didn't advance to the Super Bowl, because then I would have totally given up on football, as the "fix" would have clearly been "in"
As it is, they got too close after such a crappy showing last season for my comfort. I demand administrative hearings!!!!

But I digress.
During the game, when the Colts were just playing catch-up and kept tying it up and tying it up, I was worried that the Patriots might make it happen. Then I remembered that this was Peyton MANNING they were up against. Then the stress melted away. I even called the interception late in the fourth to put the nail in the Patriots coffin. Oh yeah, I'm that good. I said "interception!" and wouldn't you know it!
Biggest comeback in an AFC championship game EVER.

It's not really that I love the Colts so much, it's that as a Raiders fan, after The Tuck I am morally obligated to HATE with all my being everything that is Patriot.
It's not MY fault that they make it so easy on me, with their smugness and their Bruschi.

Anonymous said...

I thought you were a Raiders fan... ;-)