Sunday, January 21, 2007

Snow, snow, snow!

It's snowing but we're not trapped yet. Then again, the weather has until noon tomorrow to pump it up to the 12-24 inches that was predicted.
I'd say we're at around six inches for the day so far. That six is sitting on top of about two inches of snow leftover from last weekend. This is the third weekend in a row that it has snowed. THIRD.

It's been snowing non-stop since I woke up at 7:30 am.

Sometimes, it's light snow, sometimes it's heavy. For about a half hour it was coming down in flakes the size of quarters. That was awesome.
Right now it's light and steady.

Elizabeth and I are baking to warm up the non-fireplace side of the house. Our first treat, banana nut mini muffins!!
Next up...I'm not sure...maybe something chocolatey.

Here's all the stuff the cats (or cat! Louie!) peed on in the house and thus had to be exiled to the front porch where it awaits imminent destruction.

And here's the patio table where we sit and have cool, sweet margaritas in the unbearable heat of the summertime.

Ah yes, summertime...when is that coming around again??


Meredith said...

Summer can't come soon enough! We just got about 4 inches today and more is coming tomorrow. Plus we are having freezing rain tonight on top of the snow. FUN. Good thing is, it is Brendan's first snowfall!

Anonymous said...

You can send some snow our way!

Anonymous said...

It snowed in Washington all afternoon! About two inches and I almost did cartwheels! Woohoooo!!!

Anonymous said...

I sooooooooooo love living in good ole NC. :-)

Jessey said...

Mer - Yah, the kids love it. Elizabeth wants to stomp the snow like a dinosaur and Dylan likes to look at it out the window.
It's fine for me until I have to drive in it, which is why I called in "Snowed In" today.
They even closed all the schools up here.
I think we got about a foot yesterday and it's supposed to start up here again pretty soon.
Ay carumba!

Freebird said...

Wow, that's a lot of snow!

Jessey said...

Yeah, it's I said...if you stay inside with the coffee and the fireplace.