Tuesday, February 20, 2007


Lent starts tomorrow!!
Ok Catholics...what are we giving up this year?

I'm going to abstain from cursing (again) and pizza.

Yep. Pizza of all shapes and sizes. Pizza of all topping and crust variety (including those ridiculous Cheesy Bites). Pizza is off the menu.
Pizza is dead to me.

This is going to be HARD!

I'm also going to do the whole Lenten Fast...which means no meat tomorrow (Ash Wednesday) or on any Friday until Easter and then not from Good Friday through Holy Saturday. Also it's a Paschal (Easter) fast on Ash Wednesday and from Good Friday through Holy Saturday, which means only one full meal on those days (after 5 pm usually) and only liquid (juice, water, coffee, tea) from the time you wake up until that meal.
So basically it's like Slim-Fast.
I think I might do the full fast every Friday too, just for extra penance.

What about everyone else? Amy? Meredith?

Elizabeth, you did so well picking penances for everyone last year...will you participate in the spiritual cleansing this year???


Amy said...

I didn't realize Lent started tomorrow. Which is weird because yesterday I thought, "Hmm, I wonder if I'm going to give up anything for Lent this year. I'll have to think. Obviously sweets are out of the question since I'm going to Italy. Maybe I should give up after dinner snacking, except for one cup of tea/hot cocoa and one snack. So normal after dinner snacking.

Jessica said...

YOu are so funny.

That's like giving up cussing, except for fuck, shit, ass, bitch and hell.
And damn.


Chris said...

Hahaha. Elizabeth participate in the spiritual cleansing? Funny.

We're not Catholic. She's only slightly more religious than I am, which is to say not at all.

Good luck with it though. I know it can't be easy. I'll try to say fuck, shit, ass, bitch, hell, and damn at least once a day just for you. I'm on a diet, so I probably won't be eating much pizza anyway.

Jessica said...

I know she didn't do the Lent last year, but she did pick MY sacrifice. And that worked out well.
I think giving up things that are bad for you, like pizza and saying "fuck" 45 times a day, are probably good regardless of your faith, or lack thereof.
I'm not a super Catholic by any means, but I always observe Lent, partly out of habit, and partly for the cleansing...it can't hurt!

Meredith said...

Get that cussing out of your system now! Brendan and I are attempting noon Mass tomorrow. I'm also giving up alcohol. Not sure if I'll give up anything else...I am just hoping we can get through Mass in one piece.

Jessica said...

I started writing a comment, but it got too long...
I'll post it as a post, Lent, Part II

Amy said...

No, it's a good thing to give up! For example, last night after dinner I ate a pice of apple crumb pie, some pretzels, some chips, some peanut butter, some peeps and a piece of cheese. That is not normal. A cup of tea and a single size serving of popcorn, that's normal.

Jessica said...

How in the name of all that is holy are you not 500 pounds?

I have a single Oreo and I am wracked with guilt all night long.

Amy said...

I have absolutely no idea. You'd think I'd be bigger. Not that I'm slimmy Mc-Slim, but still. I normally don't do that. Well, Sunday I did eat a lot too. But normally I don't do that.

eaf said...

I give up nothing for no one. However, I'm perfectly willing to dole out penance again. Although it sounds as if you all have your penance chosen already, making my job super easy.

I did just join a gym.... a sacrifice of a different kind. That's worthy of a whole post though. I'll try to post that tonight.

Oh, by the way... Chris, I joined the gym. You're joining soon if you wish. The kids are already Junior Members.

Jessica said...

Joining a gym is definitely enough penance.

Amy said...

Oh I have to give up calling my husband names such as dumb, dumbass, idiot, stupid, and I guess all derivations of those words, and all similar type words. I was told this at dinner.

Jessica said...

I think that's probably a good thing to abstain from...difficult, but good. :)