Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Lent, Part II

I think I'm going to hit the 8am mass at our church tomorrow, sans kids of course. They'll be at school and I'll be going to church on the way to work.

Bob is NOT religious at all anymore, though he was raised Mormon. Needless to say, he won't be going to church with me.

I bought a little cross decoration for our porch to display for Lent and Easter, and he was all freaked out by it. I even offered to take it down, that's how weirded out he was.

It's not because he hates a cross. Mormons don't display the cross anywhere, that's why their churches have steeples and not crosses on them.

Anyway, to prepare for my no meat diet tomorrow, I'm making steak for dinner tonight. Yum.


Anonymous said...

He's mormon? Interesting. . .

Jessica said...


Though, his dad and mom were never very religious either and he said he and his brothers went to church to get out of Sunday chores.
His aunt is quite religious and his grandpa (her dad) was a church elder for a long time.

I don't quite understand all the particulars of LDS.
Bob says he doesn't go to any church because he "doesn't know which one is right and doesn't want to get it wrong."

Whatever THAT means.

Chris said...

Existential plausible deniability?

Jessica said...

I guess!

Anonymous said...

All of the Mormons I know (and I grew up with lots, and my BFF is mormon) are very religious, so it's always strange to me to find one who strayed. Although, my BFF's mother was Catholic, and converted, and she was 1000x stricter than her husband, even giving my friend a book in high school about why you shouldn't date outside the mormon faith, even when you're only 16 and probably won't marry the person. We never figured out if her mom got the irony of handing her that book.