Monday, February 12, 2007

I can take no more of this...

Seriously. What am I doing wrong?

This is what I asked our pediatrician this morning as I broke down in tears in his office.
It was my second visit there in six days, having JUST been there last Wednesday for the children's ridiculous continuing pukeage.

I was there THIS morning because starting at about 10 am yesterday morning Elizabeth had a 103 degree fever. Totally insane.
I'd give her Motrin, the fever would go down to around 99 degrees, she'd go back to normal, admonishing the kitties for jumping on their kitty tower.
Get down from there! Get your tail off there! Get your feet off there!

But then, as soon as the Motrin would wear off, she'd slip back into listlessness, laying around on the couch, red cheeks, burning hot skin. Then she'd fall asleep for a few hours.

She did that all night long, keeping me up right along with her, watching Cartoon Network all night, monitoring her temperature, giving her Motrin and Gatorade.

This morning her temp was still 103, and I called the doc who of course told me to bring her in!
I think I should get my own parking space there.

After he checked to make sure she wasn't hosting a nasty ear, nose or throat infection, he told me that this is just the rotavirus working through her system, it has to run it's course, fluids fluids fluids, etc etc.

That's when I burst into tears.

The doc told me that since the kids are in day care, there's just about nothing we can do to protect them from getting all the illnesses that are brought in there.

It's wintertime! They're going to get sick.

Somehow, not comforting.

Of course I would not take "there's nothing you can do" for an answer and I went out and dropped $90 on cleansers, disinfectants, antibacterial gel, carpet cleaners, sanitizing spray, medicine, chicken soup, Gatorade, etc etc.

I'm killing every germ in my house and in my babies this afternoon. Seriously.

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